About 0x1 Finance

0x1 Finance aims to develop a Decentralized Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

0x1 Finance offers multiple products within its ecosystem which includes 0x1 AMM and OTC DEX (Decentralized Exchange), 0x1 DeFi Incubator and 0x1 Mutual Fund. In the future we have plans to add more products such as Lending Protocol, Flash Loans, DeFi Bridge in the ecosystem.

Dual Token Model

The ecosystem of 0x1 Finance is powered by its dual token model which includes the governance token BIN and the mutual fund token XBIN. BIN offers frictionless yield to its holders and fuels the governance system. XBIN allows its holders to get a share of yields generated by 0x1 Mutual Fund.


0x1 AMM DEX is a custom fork of Uniswap which allows users to swap BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain and add liquidity into the pools that make swaps possible.

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Liquidity Mining

Liquidity providers (LPs) add funds to liquidity pools in the 0x1 AMM DEX. In return for providing liquidity to the protocol, LPs earn fees from the trades that happen in their pool. In the case of 0x1 DEX, LPs deposit an equivalent value of two tokens – for example, 50% BIN and 50% BNB to the BIN/BNB pool.

0x1 DEX charges traders a total 0.30% fee from which 0.25% goes directly to LPs and 0.05% goes to the 0x1 Vault. LPs also earn BIN tokens by staking their LP tokens from selected pairs.

0x1 Staking Pool

BIN token can be earned by staking LP tokens of certain pairs from 0x1 AMM DEX. Initially the pool will support BIN/BNB, BIN/BUSD, BIN/USDT, BNB/USDT, XBIN/USDT pairs. Later the pairs will be selected through governance.

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0x1 OTC DEX enables trading any token directly between two parties, without the supervision of an exchange for an agreed price and quantity. It’s not always efficient to trade through exchanges because there can be less liquidity or lack of buyers and sellers. Besides this, it’s not possible to trade a token which is not listed in any exchange. In scenarios like these, P2P OTC trading comes into the picture. But P2P OTC trading is risky because traders need to trust the counterparty or a 3rd party who meddles between buyer and seller as escrow.

0x1 OTC DEX solves this problem by reinventing the P2P OTC trading with Decentralization. 0x1 OTC DEX by 0x1 Finance is a DApp (Decentralized Application) where users can buy and sell tokens without trusting the counterparty or having the need of a 3rd party escrow. A smart contract acts between the buyer and seller as escrow and holds the funds till the deal is complete. The smart contract will send a refund if the deal is cancelled.

0x1 OTC DEX will charge a 0.30% fee which will go to the 0x1 Vault address on every trade that will happen on the platform.

BIN Token

BIN is the governance token of 0x1 Finance which is a custom fork of RFI. BIN works by applying a 1% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.

Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holders balance.

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Enhanced ROI

Smart contract of BIN automatically detects and blocks certain addresses, like the Uniswap pool or exchange wallets from earning fees.

Because of this, 100% of the fees generated go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of BIN that you own among holders. This generates a much higher yield than would be possible otherwise.

Dual Yield Capability

BIN holders can use their tokens in third party lending, yield farming, or any other smart contract in addition to earning yield from the transaction fees. The smart contract of BIN allows staking contracts to easily determine the fees earned by each holder for any period of time even when funds are pooled together.

0x1 Governance

The Governance System of 0x1 Finance allows the token holders to participate in various governance proposals and votings. Community members have the right to create and vote on proposals through a fully decentralized and autonomous process. Voting will take place with the aid of our voting contracts. Voters will have to deposit their BIN tokens into their desired pool, with the pool having the highest amount of BIN after the voting period ends being declared the winner, and the proposal represented by that pool is implemented. Each BIN deposit counts as one vote. For example, depositing 20 BIN is equivalent to giving 20 votes. Once the voting is completed, tokens can be withdrawn from the contracts.

0x1 Incubator

0x1 Incubator is the best and safest platform till now for new DeFi startups/projects based on Binance Smart Chain and investors. We don’t just arrange presale and give money to the project team and get commission, we take several security measures to ensure that no exit scam or rug pull happens and even if anything goes wrong we compensate the investors from the insurance pool.

0x1 Insurance Pool

Even after having all of the possible ways to prevent exit scams and rug pulls, if any exit scam or rug pull happens then the 0x1 team will compensate the investors with BIN tokens. It doesn’t mean that the 0x1 team is responsible for every loss and they are bound to fully compensate the investors.

5% of BIN supply is allocated for the insurance pool. The compensation will be provided to the token holders of that specific project according to the dynamic compensation model and team tokens aren’t eligible to receive any compensation. We will take a snapshot and filter the token holding addresses before providing any kind of compensation.

If the pool runs out of BIN then the 0x1 team might allocate some additional BIN tokens from the 0x1 vault.

0x1 Mutual Fund

0x1 Finance team is the first to bring a Mutual Fund (MF) in their DeFi ecosystem which will bring value from other cryptocurrency/blockchain startups/projects and forex, stocks, metal, CFD markets. The Mutual Fund will start once the 0x1 Vault reaches a certain limit. Then the team will issue the MF token (XBIN) and conduct a fundraising campaign. The fundraising amount will depend on the funds locked in the vault. The reason behind this is to keep our Initial Investment capital the same in case of loss. This will ensure we don’t lose a dime of investors funds and what we have collected as an investment.

For example, if the vault has 100k USD worth of value then the fundraising campaign will have a hardcap limit of 100k USD. Funds raised from the campaign will be invested in various markets to generate profit. 40% of the generated profits will directly go to the 0x1 MF Pool contract every month (in terms of BNB) where people can earn BNB by staking XBIN/BIN LP tokens generated from 0x1 AMM DEX.

10% of the generated profit will be used to buyback BIN tokens which will be withheld in the 0x1 Vault. Remaining (50%) profit will cover the fee for traders and investment firms managing our assets and leftover funds from this 50% is stored in our vault as backup or reserve fund. So, the investment capital always remains intact and the XBIN token is always backed by the vault funds.

0x1 Vault

0x1 Vault is a smart contract owned by the 0x1 Finance team that will accumulate fees from different platforms listed under 0x1 Finance and 50% profit generated from 0x1 Mutual Fund.

The funds from Vault are considered as a backup or reserved funds for 0x1 Mutual Fund and also development and improvements of the project. If the Mutual Fund faces any major loss then vault funds will be used to rebuild the capital as our target is to keep user investment safe at all cost. Also reserved funds will be used for LP farming rewards for specific pairs occasionally. This will allow us to conduct special farming events in future.

0x1 MF Pool

0x1 MF Pool is a DApp where people can earn BNB by staking XBIN/BIN LP tokens generated from 0x1 Finance AMM DEX. The APY generated by the 0x1 MF Pool comes from the income streams generated by 0x1 Mutual Fund.

The MF Pool contract will work on a monthly basis. At the beginning of every month, the contract will be open for deposit (staking LP token) and the deposit will be available for 25 days. If anyone wants, he can withdraw his LP tokens during this period. Then the contract will disable the deposit and withdraw function. Once it receives BNB from the mutual fund, it will distribute BNB proportionally to the stakers and re-enable the withdrawal function.

0x1 MF Transparency

The team behind 0x1 Finance strongly believes in transparency and integrity. All kinds of active and past investment and earning reports, holdings will be made available to the public via MF Dashboard which will provide complete transparency to the investors. It will also help investors to keep track of their funds. People will be able to see our portfolio and follow our investment strategies from the dashboard. The dashboard will also provide full analytics of Mutual Fund’s performance.

Generally in a mutual fund, investors have to accept losses if there is any. But in the case of 0x1 MF, the team compensates losses from vault funds which ensures a risk free mutual fund model to investors. This way investors never lose a single dime of what they initially invested.